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AlphaWeek Q&A: Alper Ince, PAAMCO And High Octane Alpha

Alper Ince, Managing Director and Partner at Irvine, CA-based fund of hedge funds PAAMCO, tells AlphaWeek’s Greg Winterton how his band – High Octane Alpha - got started and why they’re supporting A Leg To Stand On’s ‘Rocktoberfest London’ event in June this year.

GW: Alper, thanks for taking the time. Tell us about how ‘High Octane Alpha’ got started.

AI: I had performed impromptu at a company event a few years ago. I keep guitars in my office so people knew that I played. I even have amps! A new associate came to me and asked whether I’d be interested in performing at an upcoming PAAMCO Halloween party. Also, our head of legal came independently and asked if I would be interested in performing with him so I thought ‘why not combine both efforts, find a drummer and just make a proper band?’ Then I looked over resumes and found out the guy sitting across from me is a drummer. We practiced a couple of times - we all like the same kind of music – we cover bands like Rush, Kansas and Dream Theatre as well as more mainstream bands like The Police, Van Halen and Journey - then we performed at the Halloween party. After that, we started to expand our repertoire to prepare for Rocktoberfest!

GW: When did HOA first play the Rocktoberfest event, and what was the catalyst for High Octane Alpha getting involved?

AI: I have been getting emails from Rocktoberfest ever since it started. I was always interested in performing but I didn’t have a band. After starting High Octane Alpha, I reached out to ALTSO and we performed at Rocktoberfest Chicago in early October and then at Rocktoberfest New York in late October 2017.

Alper Ince
PAAMCO, High Octane Alpha's Alper Ince

GW: You’re supporting the event in London this year; what are your goals for the event from a fundraising perspective?

AI: Of course, we like to raise as much as we can. Last year (2017) was our first year for raising for Rocktoberfest in Chicago and New York. We learned from our first year how to approach people and how to make the best use of our network. I had built PAAMCO’s London office back in 2003; I spent 5 years there and still go back periodically. I’m reaching out to people and trying to leverage my relationships there. We (PAAMCO) do have a large presence in London and I’m also getting help from my colleagues there.

GW: Whilst ‘Rocktoberfest’ is a celebratory event, the organisation carries a serious mission. Tell us what resonates with you and your band-mates with regards to ALTSO’s mission.

AI: Many of my partners at PAAMCO are involved with charitable organisations, as board members and advisors; it’s part of the culture at the firm. 2 of High Octane’s band members, including myself, come from emerging markets. ALTSO supports children in emerging markets needing orthopaedic care whose families can’t afford treatment. Many of the children have severe limb disabilities and the treatment that ALTSO provides can be life changing.  That resonates with us. We are proud to be involved in raising assets for a great cause.

GW: You can catch High Octane Alpha at Rocktoberfest London, June 6, 2018. More on HOA from Rocktoberfest New York here.

Tickets are now available for Rocktoberfest London – get yours here.

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