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ALTSO's Rocktoberfest Heads To London

A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO) announced today that its live music fundraising event ‘Rocktoberfest’ is set to add London to this year’s lineup.

The New York and Chicago editions of Rocktoberfest raised nearly $900,000 in 2018 for ALTSO, which provides free orthopaedic care - including prosthetic limbs, mobility aids, and rehabilitation - to children suffering from untreated congenital or traumatic limb disabilities in the developing world.  The two events host over 2,000 professionals from the finance industry, and have helped ALTSO treat more than 16,700 children who would otherwise have no access to care.

Commenting on the return to London, Gabriella Mueller Evrard, ALTSO’s Executive Director, said: “We’re excited that we’re able to bring Rocktoberfest to London in June.  Rocktoberfest-London provides a genuine opportunity for our global sponsors to maximise their visibility to their target markets across three cities and two countries, while proactively supporting the life-changing treatments ALTSO provides its children.”

The event, to be held on Wednesday, June 6th at 8 Northumberland Avenue, just south of Trafalgar Square, unites bands comprised of professionals from the finance industry for a night of rock and roll music in support of ALTSO’s global medical programs; those who raise the most get to choose their spot on the bill.

Saleem Siddiqi, Managing Partner of London-based MUSST Investments, said, “As a trustee of ALTSO UK, I’m delighted that we’re now in a position to bring Rocktoberfest to London.  I look forward to meeting new and existing ALTSO supporters in June.”

C. Mead Welles, CEO of Octagon Asset Management, co-founded ALTSO in 2003. Welles said, “I’m very proud of what ALTSO has been able to achieve in the past 14 years and coming back to London will enable us to raise more funds to treat more children in need.  The team has done a terrific job in mobilizing the resources to make Rocktoberfest-London a reality.”

The net proceeds raised at the event will benefit ALTSO's 10 programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Since ALTSO’s founding by C. Mead Welles of Octagon Asset Management's founding in 2002 with Dr. Dinesh Patel, Chief of Arthroscopic Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital and Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Harvard Medical School, ALTSO has provided treatment to more than 16,700 children in 20 countries.  For more information on the organization’s impact or events, visit ALTSO's website at

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