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eVestment's Top Hedge Funds In July

1060 Capital Management's 1060 Capital Opportunity Fund was again the hedge fund product most viewed overall by the investors and their advisers who subscribe to eVestment's platform in July, maintaining their Number 1 spot for a third consecutive month. Second and third place was Wellington Management Company's ALTA fund and Sculptor Capital Management's Sculptor Master Fund, respectively; this is the first time that these products have made the top three since the folks at eVestment began sending us their monthly report.

Global: Most Viewed Alts/HF Products July 2020
  Most Viewed Product's Firm Name Most Viewed Product
  1060 Capital Management  1060 Capital Opportunity Fund, LP
New Wellington Management Company LLP  ALTA
New Sculptor Capital Management, Inc.  Sculptor Master Fund, Ltd.
New Renaissance Technologies LLC  Renaissance Institutional Diversified Global Equities Fund (RIDGE)
New Select Equity Group, L.P.  SEG Partners Fund
New Marshall Wace LLP  Marshall Wace - MW Eureka Fund
  Canyon Capital Advisors LLC  Canyon Value Realization Master Fund, L.P.
New 400 Capital Management LLC  400 Capital Credit Opportunities Fund
New One William Street Capital Management, L.P.  OWS Credit Opportunity Master Fund, Ltd.
New Magnetar Capital LLC  Magnetar PRA Fund LLC

At the regional level, Wellington's ALTA won in the United States, and there were also wins for Marshall Wace's MW Eurkea Fund (Europe ex-UK); Blackrock's 32 Capital Fund (Asia ex-Japan); Polar Asset Management's Polar Long/Short Fund (Canada). For the first time we saw a tie in the UK, with GSA's Diversified Master Fund and GAM's Systematic Core Macro Master Fund taking top honours, and another tie in Africa/Middle East, with Lazard Asset Management's Lazard Rathmore product and P/E Investments' FX Strategy Standard receiving the most views.

At the firm level, bond trading behemoth PIMCO had the most overall views, with it's Multi-Asset Alternative Risk Premia fund the firm's individual product with the most eyeballs. Given that the product didn't make the top ten individual products, one can deduce that PIMCO had a strong showing across it's product range to come out on top last month. Marshall Wace was second - the firm's MW Eureka Fund product was its most viewed offering - and Man Group was third, the firm's Alternative Risk Premia Strategies product the London-listed investment manager's being their most viewed strategy.

Global: Most Viewed Alts/HF Firms July 2020
  Firm Name Firm's Most Viewed Product
New PIMCO PIMCO Multi-Asset Alternative Risk Premia Fund
New Marshall Wace LLP Marshall Wace - MW Eureka Fund
  Man Group Man Alternative Risk Premia Strategies SP
  AQR Capital Management LLC Managed Futures Strategy
  BlackRock Global Event Driven
  Renaissance Technologies LLC Renaissance Institutional Diversified Global Equities Fund (RIDGE)
  Bridgewater Associates, LP Bridgewater Optimal Portfolio Fund, Ltd
New Wellington Management Company LLP ALTA
New Sculptor Capital Management, Inc. Sculptor Master Fund, Ltd.
New Magnetar Capital LLC Magnetar PRA Fund LLC

At the regional level, PIMCO won in the United States, Blackrock in Asia ex-Japan, Calamos Investments in Africa/Middle East, Graham Capital Management in the UK and Marshall Wace tied Emso Asset Management for Europe ex-UK.

Rising products - defined as those which receive the largest increase in views versus their prior 12 month moving average - saw AQR's DELTA strategy, usually a mainstay of the top ten most viewed products - but nowhere to be found in the past three months - as the winner. Millennium Management's Millennium Partners was second and Renaissance Technologies' Institutional Equities Fund was third.

Global: Rising Alts/HF Products July 2020 vs. Prior 12 Months
  Rising Product's Firm Name Rising Product
New AQR Capital Management LLC  DELTA Strategy
New Millennium Management  Millennium Partners, L.P.
New Renaissance Technologies LLC  Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund (RIEF) LLC
New Autonomy Capital  Autonomy Master Fund Limited
New Capital Fund Management SA  CFM IS Diversified Program
  Gladstone Capital Management LLP  Lasker Master Fund
New Graham Capital Management L.P  Graham Quant Macro Portfolio
New Bridgewater Associates, LP  Bridgewater Pure Alpha Major Markets
New Contrarian Capital Management, L.L.C.  Contrarian Emerging Markets
New Echo Street Capital Management  Echo Street Capital Partners Funds

AQR also led the Rising Firms category, with Bridgewater second and IFM Investors' Global Infrastructure (Canada) product third.

Global: Rising Alts/HF Firms July 2020 vs. Prior 12 Months
  Firm Name Firm's Rising Product
New AQR Capital Management LLC AQR Capital Management LLC: DELTA Strategy
New Bridgewater Associates, LP Bridgewater Associates, LP: Bridgewater Pure Alpha Major Markets
  IFM Investors Pty Ltd IFM Investors Pty Ltd: IFM Global Infrastructure (Canada), L.P.
New Millennium Management Millennium Management: Millennium Partners, L.P.
New Pharo Management (UK) LLP Pharo Management (UK) LLP: Pharo Macro Fund, Ltd.
New Graham Capital Management L.P Graham Capital Management L.P: Graham Quant Macro Portfolio
New GAM Investments GAM Investments: GAM Systematic Alternative Risk Premia Plus (8-12% Vol)
New Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC: GMO Systematic Global Macro Composite
New ARP Americas LP ARP Americas LP: ARP Alternative Risk Premia 2x
New Sirios Capital Management L.P. Sirios Capital Management L.P.: Sirios Capital Partners II, L.P.


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