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Sharing Alpha Top Funds: January 2018

Sharing Alpha, the fund ratings platform, published its January top performers data and threw in strategy/category level data for the first time.

January's winners included Belgravia, Invesco, Muzinich, PIMCO and Schroders. The top 25 most highly rated funds - which shows the average score (out of 5) that a fund receives from the more than 1,312 vetted fund professionals from 56 different countries on the platform, were:

Sharing Alpha Top 25 Funds

January's 'most popular' funds winners, which ranks funds based on the number of allocations that fund has received from different fund buyers (not the total assets), include Fundsmith, Old Mutual, Nordea, Allianz and M&G. The top 25 were:

Sharing Alpha Most Popular Funds

January's Top 25 'Most highly rated providers’, which ranks the fund management company based on their average score (out of 5) by the fund raters, were

Sharing Alpha Highly Rated Providers

and finally the new list of best performing funds by category for January were

Sharing Alpha Category Jan

Sharing Alpha Category Jan B

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