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Sharing Alpha's Top Hedge Funds In July 2020

Eleva Capital's Eleva Absolute Return Europe fund, an equity long/short vehicle, was the highest rated hedge fund on the Sharing Alpha platform in July, with a rating of 4.8003. Eleva beat Luxemembourg Life Fund's Long Term Growth Fund into second place with a score of 4.7792 out of 5. Marshall Wace's TOPS UCITS Fund, a mainstay of the top five this year, was in third with 4.7675.

Fund Name   Rating   Strategy
Eleva Eleva Abs Ret Eurp   4.8003   Long/Short Equity
Luxembourg Life Fd Lg Tr Gr   4.7792   Multialternative
MW TOPS UCITS Fund   4.7675   Long/Short Equity
Schroder GAIA Two Sigma Diversified   4.7626   Multialternative
H2O Adagio   4.7397   Global Macro
Janus Henderson United Kingdom AbsRet Fd   4.6717   Long/Short Equity
SVS Church House Tenax Abs Ret Strts Fd   4.6679   Multialternative
H2O Vivace   4.6564   Global Macro
LF Odey Absolute Return Fund   4.6478   Multialternative
H2O Allegro   4.5921   Global Macro
Candriam Bds Credit Opportunities   4.5123   Long/Short Credit
Legg Mason WA Macro Opportunities Bd Fd   4.5115   Long/Short Credit
BNY Mellon Global Real Return Fd (EUR)   4.5006   Multialternative
JPM Global Macro Opportunities Fund   4.4963   Global Macro
AQR Managed Futures Strategy Fund   4.2201   Multialternative
OAKS Emerging and Frontier Opportunities Fund   4.1475   Long/Short Equity
Jupiter Global Fund - Jupiter Europa   4.0836   Long/Short Equity
GAM Systematic Alternative Risk Premia   4.0419   Multialternative
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