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Sharing Alpha's Top Hedge Funds In September 2019

Fund ratings platform Sharing Alpha's most highly rated hedge funds in September sees Schroder's GAIA Two Sigma Diversified product come out on top again, but some significant movement in the top 10 this month after the firm introduced a minimum number of ratings by the funds selectors on the Sharing Alpha platform in order for a product to qualify for this month's leaderboard.

Top 10 regular The Prosperity Quest Fund moves up to number two, and Polar Capital UK Absolute Equity Fund, a new entry into the top 10 for the first time this year, rounds out the top three. Marshall Wace's Tops UCITS Fund, another top 10 regular, comes in fourth and Fiera Capital's OAKS Emerging and Frontier Opportunities Fund takes fifth.

Fund selectors registered on the Sharing Alpha platform have three primary criteria via which they provide a rating for a fund: People, Price and Portfolio. There are further sub-categories within the 3 primary categories.

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