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CerraCap Ventures Launches New Philanthropic Arm "CerraCap Cares"

Orange County, CA-based VC CerraCap Ventures has announced its new philanthropic arm "CerraCap Cares", expanding its "from Dreams to Impact" vision. CerraCap Cares is a charitable foundation and an impact-driven fund investing in human centered technologies that enable innovation for the environment, education, and the empowerment of communities.

CerraCap Cares has a dual structure of both a foundation and an impact fund, and is designed to address the lack of sustainability in charitable giving. CerraCap Cares wants to innovatie philanthropy by creating a legacy fund whose returns and profits will be constantly channeled towards charitable causes, thus amplifying the significance of each donation. It will also have the advantage of leveraging CerraCap Ventures' business acumen and investment track record to ensure a positive return for its donors.

"It is important to recognize the impact that social determinants have on outcomes for historically disadvantaged communities. Building on the successful strategies of our venture capital fund; Cerracap Cares is on a mission to invest in companies creating better access to learning, tools for empowerment, and sustainable technologies for the environment." shared Nikki Arora, Partner at CerraCap Ventures.

As a woman-led impact fund, CerraCap Cares will invest in companies which develop tech-enabled innovations to level disparities globally – all while mobilizing a technological ecosystem that can positively impact communities around the world.

"We have always believed in leveraging technology to reduce systemic disparities through innovation. CerraCap Cares unleashes the power of technology to do good through the development of uncommon partnerships, innovative alliances and a focus on measurable impact" said Sylvia Kim, Partner at CerraCap Cares.

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