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Europe Made Simple For Non-EU Fund Managers

Europe Made Simple For Non-EU Fund Managers is a series of two webinars designed to provide non-EU investment managers with the top-level information they need in order to prepare – or not – to establish a firm and/or fund presence in Europe.


Webinar 1: Dipping Your Toes Or A Full Dive? Launching Your Firm And Fund In Europe

Tuesday October 13th 2020, 10am Eastern / 9am Central, Online

Establishing a presence in Europe is a natural growth option for non-EU based investment managers. This webinar will discuss the options currently available to non-EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers interested in venturing into Europe including:

  • The AIFMD third country passport
    • What is it;
    • Why it never took off;
    • The MiFIR solution
  • The National Private Placement Regime
    • Current state of play
    • Gold-plating rules across EU
    • AIFMD review
  • A general overview of the work carried out so far on the AIFMD review.
    • Recent ESMA letter on AIFMD Review
    • Delegation and white-label providers
    • Reverse solicitation

The webinar will also focus on fund related topics, including:

  • Whether to go the route of a standalone fund or to work with a platform
  • How to integrate European operations and compliance into the US regulatory environment
  • The registration requirements and differences between countries


Webinar 2: From Short Term Attitude to Long Term Perspective – An Overview of Responsible Investing In The EU

Tuesday November 10th 2020, 10am Eastern / 9am Central, Online

Europe leads the way in sustainable investing, with both asset owners and asset managers doing more than other regions to push the sustainable finance agenda.

This webinar will look at:

  • - Sustainable finance disclosure regulation
    • EU Commission Action Plan on Sustainable Finance
    • What is it and where do we stand with the regulation?
    • Extraterritorial effects of the regulation for non-EU managers marketing in EU
  • Taxonomy regulation
    • Why do we need a Taxonomy regulation?
    • Where do we stand with the regulation?
    • Brexit and Taxonomy
  • - The revamp of the non-financial reporting directive
    • To whom does it apply?
    • Why do we need to revamp the non-financial reporting?
    • Challenges for financial market participants and small medium enterprises

Furthermore, we’ll look at how the current Covid-19 pandemic is affecting ESG considerations.

  • Is the ‘E’ as prioritised as it was before given the increase in social unrest and the Black Lives Matter movement?
  • Just how have ESG funds been performing in Europe?



Registration is free for investment fund managers and institutional investors/allocators into third party investment fund managers.

Service providers can attend each of the webinars for just £50.


Click here for registration details.