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Implementing ESG London 2019 - Tuesday, November 5th, 2019, London, UK

Keynote Speakers

Werner von Baum

Werner von Baum, Managing Partner, Chief Risk Officer, LGT Capital Partners

Werner von Baum is a Managing Partner and Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at LGT Capital Partners Ltd. He has been with the firm for 15 years. Within the Risk and Compliance teams, Werner is responsible for the independent monitoring of all traditional and dedicated sustainable portfolios across asset classes and LGT CP’s operating companies. He is also a member of the ESG Committee, which coordinates the strategic direction of LGT CP with regards to ESG integration in its business activities, as well as in various investment processes. The ESG Committee supports the portfolio management units in the strategic development of such investment processes, discusses the general ESG orientation of our portfolios and has an important governance function in all sustainability issues. Mr. von Baum holds a degree in economics and a diploma from European Business School (Frankfurt, London, Paris). Werner will be giving the opening keynote address at 0900 at Implementing ESG London 2019, where he will give an overview of how LGT evaluates the development of ESG integration by hedge funds, and discuss the role of data and recent investor feedback on ESG to understand how hedge funds operate and will have to operate going forward with regards to ESG.


Session Speakers

Lisa Beauvilain

Lisa Beauvilain, Head of Sustainability & ESG, Managing Director, Impax Asset Management

Lisa is responsible for the development and oversight of Impax’s Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis, including environmental policy and legislation research in the Listed Equity team. She is the Chair of Impax’s ESG and Lens Committees and also Co-Heads Impax’s impact investment work. Lisa joined Impax in 2010. She started working in the financial industry in 1999 and previously worked as an executive director in the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs International. Lisa has also worked as an independent consultant, focusing on environmental policy research and analysis. She is active within working groups relating to impact investing, the circular economy and ESG standard setting with several external industry organisations. Lisa has an MSc in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics as well as an MSc in Finance from the Hanken School of Economics, Finland. 

Lisa is speaking at 1350 on the 'ESG Pioneers - Lessons From Hedge Funds Championing Responsible Investment Approaches' session.


James von Claer

James von Claer, Director, Arabesque S-Ray

James von Claer has over 25 years’ experience in asset management and financial services. Prior to joining Arabesque S-Ray he was with Notz Stucki, a well-known alternative investment manager, developing investment products around sustainability themes, notably renewable energy assets. Before this, James worked for a JP Morgan affiliate in Paris, where he was responsible for credit management and structured products.

Using the combination of experience in sustainable asset management and credit, James is advising asset owners and managers on the benefits of integrating quantitative analysis of ESG-related risks across both the capital and credit markets.

James is a seasoned conference speaker addressing issues such as the relevance of integrating ESG metrics across the full spectrum of asset classes, as well as on the advantages of using the power of machine learning and big data for enhanced risk management.

James is speaking at 1540 on the 'ESG Data - What You Need To Know' session.


Arleta Majoch

Arleta Majoch, Partner, Auriel Investors

Arleta Majoch, a Partner at Auriel Investors LLP since 2017, has both an academic and industry background in responsible investing. She holds a PhD in Finance with a focus on RI from ICMA Centre at Henley Business School and is a published academic author. Throughout her industry career she has contributed in a variety of both research and business roles at organizations such as the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, Aberdeen Asset Management, Economist Intelligence Unit, or MSCI ESG Research.

Arleta is speaking at 1350 on the 'ESG Pioneers - Lessons From Hedge Funds Championing Responsible Investment Approaches' session.


Sarah Olofsson

Sarah Olofsson, Responsible Investments Manager, Swedbank Robur

Sarah Olofsson is Responsible Investments Manager in the Sustainability team at Swedbank Robur, one of the largest asset managers in the Nordics, and a company with the vision to be a world leader in sustainable value creation. Within Swedbank Robur, sustainability is incorporated throughout all asset classes and is a fully integrated part of the Investment Management process. Having worked in the finance industry all of her career, with institutional sales, fixed income portfolio management and investment consulting, the transition into working chiefly with sustainability was a natural progression. “Rising demand of sustainable investments from end clients as well as new regulations will force all financial actors to move in this direction, it is only a matter of time. The transition to more sustainable investments is a journey I want to be part of and contribute to” says Sarah.

Sarah studied at the Stockholm School of Economics, and first joined Swedbank Robur in 2008. After eight years she was recruited to BNP Paribas Asset Management and whilst there attained the first Nordic Eco-label certification for a Swedish investment fund, where after she briefly worked for the Nordic Eco-label to certify other funds, only to return to Swedbank Robur in 2018.

Sarah is speaking at 1135 on the 'How Well Do Responsible Investment Approaches And Hedge Funds Mix?' session.


Anthony Murphy

Anthony Murphy, Managing Director, Prime Advocates

Anthony Murphy is the founder and Managing Director of specialist impact advisory firm Prime Advocates. Anthony is an industry leading impact finance lawyer, impact strategist and social entrepreneur. He advises asset owners, hedge funds, corporates, foundations and financial organisations on social finance / financial innovation. Formerly, Anthony was the EMEA principal of Prime Services and Equity Finance legal for J.P. Morgan and Bear Stearns.

Anthony has a wealth of experience in the alternatives and social finance space, having implemented responsible investment practices (legal, operational and commercial strategies) and impact structures for numerous asset owners, investors and credit institutions for over 18 years. He is also an expert in UK regulatory, hedge fund finance and impact commerce.

Anthony is a practising UK solicitor having qualified at the global US law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges, specialising in Securitisation. He holds a higher LLB in Law from Bristol University.

Anthony is a Co-Producer of Implementing ESG London 2019 and features in the first two sessions: 'How To Develop An ESG Policy That Meets Investor Requirements' at 0930 and 'Understanding The Practical Implications Of Adopting An ESG Policy' at 1015 as well as at 1435 in the 'ESG Regulation - The Pending Tide Of Sustainability Regulations As It Affects The Alternative Investment Industry' session.