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Advisors & Partners Adds 5 UCITS Products Prior To Annual Review

Advisors & Partners LLP ("A&P"), an independent alternative investment specialist and advisor to institutional investors, asset managers and other financial institutions, today announced that 5 new UCITS funds were added to the A&P Emerging Manager UCITS Index ("A&P EMU Index©") in January 2018, as part of the annual reconstitution process. The A&P Emerging Manager UCITS Index is designed to capture the total net returns of early stage & emerging hedge fund managers that manage funds in a UCITS compliant format.

The constituents in the A&P EMU Index© represent total assets under management of approximately $0.69 billion. Both Global Macro & Long/Short equities each represent a 40% share by strategy in the index. The A&P EMU Index© 2017 performance (January 2017 - November 2017) was +8.23%, with an annualised standard deviation of 2.71%, Sharpe ratio of 2.83 and Sortino of 2.51.


Advisors & Partners

The A&P EMU Index© is an equally weighted index of 10 early stage hedge funds operating in a UCITS compliant format. Constituents are selected from a broad universe of hedge funds worldwide covering all investment strategies. Qualification for the index is subject to certain eligibility criteria based on qualitative and quantitative requirements, which includes index members having less than 3 years’ performance track record and assets under management between $20 mln USD and $500 mln USD.

The A&P EMU Index© is designed to offer investors, who have a particular interest in early stage hedge fund investing, an effective research and benchmarking tool and to provide better visibility to asset managers who have launched new hedge fund investment products.