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Blue Sky's Dynamic Macro Product Secures New Mandate

Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited (ASX:BLA) (‘Blue Sky’) has announced that its hedge fund team has secured a new mandate for its flagship systematic global macro strategy, Dynamic Macro, via the Deutsche Bank platform, dbSelect. Blue Sky, Australia’s only listed diversified alternative asset manager has A$3.4 billion assets under management (‘AUM’). The new mandate is from Equinox Funds, an innovator and leading provider in the alternative investments arena.

The Blue Sky Dynamic Macro strategy, trading since November 2007, aims to deliver a “crisis alpha” macro approach, i.e. protection for investors during periods of equity market stress while avoiding the erosion of assets during recovery periods. This is achieved by targeting high conviction, contrarian trades that can deliver positive skew.

Equinox Funds offers investor-friendly alternative strategies designed to potentially reduce risk and enhance the returns of investment portfolios. Founded in 2003 and based in Princeton, New Jersey, Equinox Funds has progressed from a specialist in multi-strategy managed futures investing to a comprehensive alternative investment provider.

The dbSelect platform has attracted US$4 billion in AUM and is the market-leading managed investment platform, providing access to alpha strategies in FX, CTAs and other liquid trading strategies.

Alex Thompson, Head of Distribution for Blue Sky Hedge Funds, said, “We are delighted to work with Equinox and Deutsche Bank on a product that provides portfolio diversification through alternative strategies designed to be negatively correlated to traditional asset classes.”

Ajay Dravid, CIO of Equinox Institutional Asset Management, said, “We are very pleased to have added the Blue Sky Dynamic Macro strategy to our portfolio of futures-based trading strategies in the Equinox MutualHedge Futures Strategy Fund. We believe its negative correlation to equities can provide additional diversification benefits to investors.”

Hedge funds are regarded as a critical diversification tool used by most of the world’s leading institutional investors to manage portfolio risk. The Dynamic Macro strategy has been designed with the goal of improving the risk profile of investors’ portfolios that carry substantial equity market risk. By applying a range of systematic trading strategies across futures markets in equity indexes, interest rates, commodities and currencies, our portfolio managers aim to develop investment strategies that seek to protect, diversify and generate investor returns.