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BrickVest's Lumineau Sees Evidence For Higher UK Interest Rates

Commenting on how UK GDP has come in slightly higher than anticipated, Emmanuel Lumineau, CEO at BrickVest, said:

“Today’s announcement that UK GDP growth has accelerated to 0.4% in Q3 is good news for the economy and will bolster the case for higher interest rates for the first time in more than a decade. For the commercial real estate industry, higher interest rates and rising inflation make borrowing and construction more expensive for owners, which can have a constraining effect on the market but can also lead to an increase in property prices. There has certainly been an abundance of international capital flowing into real estate, almost every major institutional investor globally has been increasing their portfolio allocation to real estate over the last five years mainly because of lack of alternatives.

“We continue to see the highest level of volatility from the office sector as many international firms currently headquartered in the UK put decisions on hold over their long-term office space requirements. If the UK no longer gives businesses access to the European market, they may need to spread their staff across multiple locations to more efficiently access both the UK and European market. Indeed our recent research showed that 34% of institutional investors believe the biggest real estate investment opportunities will be found in the office sector and the same number in the hotel & hospitality industry over the next 12 months.”