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C3 Launches EMIR Regulatory Reconciliations Service For Hedge Fund Managers

C3 Post Trade has launched a service for hedge funds that are faced with the complexities of their operational responsibilities under the EMIR directive. In particular, the new service is designed to provide hedge fund COOs with a user-friendly way to interact with the DTCC Global Trade Repository Portal.

Using C3 Post Trade’s platform, hedge funds are able to ensure all activities remain fully traceable, with all reconciliations stored online for recall, regardless of how long ago they took place. It has been designed to remove the cumbersome and error-prone processes that are underpinned by Excel spreadsheets and an over-reliance on email.

Although EMIR regulatory reporting can be delegated to a hedge fund’s prime broker, compliance responsibility remains with the delegating firm to make reasonable checks and ensure accurate and timely reports are submitted.

“We are ready to assist funds to ensure their EMIR regulatory obligations are fulfilled,” says Rob Denham, Partner at C3 Post Trade.

C3 clients can view what is reported to the GTR via their dashboard, send positions to C3, and receive reported positions from the DTCC GTR. They can also benefit from the reconciliation of all positions for the GTR products, with online exceptions that are supported with a full audit trail of user activity.

The C3 web-based dashboard provides users within a hedge fund a single window of post-trade exceptions and one click access to the information they require.