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Emil van Essen Launching MLP Yield Capture Hedge Fund

Emil van Essen, LLC (“EvE”) announced that it will be launching a new alternative investment vehicle combining energy infrastructure MLPs with their established EvE Multistrategy Managed Futures Program. EvE is a Chicago based firm now in its 10th year running hedge fund strategies for institutional and high net worth clients.

The EvE MLP Yield Capture Program is now available for investment via managed accounts with daily liquidity and fund structures with monthly liquidity to Qualified Eligible Participants. The program will have six core alpha generators that will utilize futures and securities to create a portfolio that will target double digit returns annually. The program has been seeded primarily with principal capital and early stage investments are being offered at a reduced fee structure.

EvE has spent the last several years expanding their research by including fundamental data which is heavily comprised of MLP analysis. This research led to the discovery of some exceptional alpha generating opportunities.

“Combining strong MLP yields with the diversified alpha provided by EvE’s managed futures strategies should create a well balanced portfolio that we believe will deliver double digit non-correlated risk adjusted returns,” said founder Emil Van Essen. “We’re focused on isolating the yield of MLPs, while hedging away the energy and equity market risk.”