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Neudata Launches Unique Alternative Data Use-Case Research Platform

Alternative data platform Neudata announced today the official launch of its alternative data use-case research platform. Designed for use by investment managers seeking a competitive edge, this new use-case research service is available as an enhanced feature of the Neudata Scout digital data intelligence platform. 

“Our new alternative data use-case research library encompasses any material which demonstrates how an alternative dataset is used in investment management toward a particular strategy, or investable index investment theme, or specific analysis purpose,” said Rado Lipuš, CFA, Founder and CEO of Neudata. “Use-case research provides clear evidence – such as through backtesting or modellng -- as to how a particular dataset can be useful in generating alpha.”

The new Neudata alt data use-case research tool combines voluminous data from academia and sell-side investors, as well as independent and Neudata’s proprietary research. It is designed to educate investment managers about existing alpha evidence research all in one convenient place, and allows them to better generate investment ideas.   

“The emergence of today’s huge amount of alternative data has led to vexing problems for investment managers,” Lipuš added. “This includes understanding what specific research evidence of alpha is available, knowing how to best leverage alt data such as e-receipt datasets for specific themes, and for which investment instances datasets – such as ESG – can provide alpha generation. Additionally, targeted alternative datasets can prove critical in potentially identifying investment failures, such as the insolvency, bankruptcy and liquidation of U.K. construction company Carillion.”