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Prosperise Capital Marks A New Decade For PVE team

London-based credit manager PVE Capital is forming Prosperise Capital to continue their expert credit investing.  This evolution involves a number of legal and operational changes including new partners, new offices in London and proposed further offices globally.  The investment team remains the same and continues to deliver consistent returns in their award-winning credit strategies.

‘We wanted to reflect all the positive changes we’ve made since we launched our first fund in 2009’ said Gennaro Pucci, Prosperise’s CIO and Founder.  ‘Prosperise is a blend of prosper and rise, which also embodies our future aspirations.’  The group is expanding by opening a new office in Milan.  Equally, with their focus on generating new opportunities and innovation, they expect to be adding to their stable of credit funds in 2018.

The group’s varying risk/reward investment structures, ranging from a daily UCITS fund to private-debt vehicles, position the firm at the intersection of three contiguous credit markets. The team aggregates and analyses these market signals using their PRISM investment framework to gain informational advantages.