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The Quant Conference 2017 Wrap-Up

On Friday, 27th October 2017 the inaugural edition of The Quant Conference, organised by The Quant Group St Andrews in partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, was held at their City of London headquarters.

The event was attended by over 200 delegates including students from France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK from 24 different universities. The students came from a diverse range of technical disciplines including Quantitative Finance, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, across all levels of higher education.

Attendees at The Quant Conference 2017

Presentations delivered at The Quant Conference included:

  • “The History and Evolution of Systematic Investing” by Jakob Palmstierna from Two Sigma
  • “Machine Learning and AI Turned to Funds Themselves” by Grant Fuller from Blue Lion Research
  • "Big Data: Big Problems" by Dr. Thomas Babbedge from Gresham Investment Management
  • "Overcoming Negative Rates in Yield Curve Modelling" by Emeritus Professor Michael Dempster from Cambridge University,
  • “The Best Strategies for the Worst Crises” by Dr. Otto Van Hemert from Man AHL,
  • “WorldQuant Platform” by Jeffrey Scott from WorldQuant, and
  • "Quant Careers" by Dr. Michael Halls-Moore from QuantStart


And there were also insightful panels with topics such as

  • “Systematic Investment Strategies: Implications for Trading, Portfolio Construction, and Risk Management” moderated by Daniel Giamouridis, PhD, the Global Head of Scientific Implementation at Bank of America Merrill Lynch;
  • “Alternate Data and Its Usefulness” moderated by Rado Lipuš, CEO of Neudata,
  • “Future of Quantitative Finance” moderated by Rupert Goodwin from LSE Systematic Risk Centre;
  • “Quant Careers” moderated by Jeremy Benamara, Head of EMEA Quantitative Initiative at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

The event concluded with a networking session where students had the opportunity to network with their peers, as well as with the speaking faculty and invited industry professionals.

Daniel Giamouridis, Global Head of Scientific Implementation at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said " We are delighted to partner with The Quant Group to host a students’ Conference on Quant Investing. Our current initiatives bring the academic and practitioner community together to discuss investment innovation and best practices. With the Quant Conference, we open up this discussion to future talent, sharing with them insights and experience from industry leaders, giving them the opportunity to contribute with their thoughts, and collectively deliver responsible growth to the financial industry." 

Thomas Babbedge, Chief Scientist at Gresham Investment Management: "The Quant Conference was very well organised and all the delegates I spoke to were enthusiastic, engaged and of a very high quality. Overall the organisers have done a very good job and I would be keen to engage in the next one!"

Nikita Fadeev, Chair of The Quant Group

Nikita Fadeev, Chair of The Quant Conference, said “I founded The Quant Conference to help students learn more about the practical opportunities in the quantitative finance industry before embarking on a career in it. The Quant Conference is the first of its kind in the UK – a quantitative finance event produced by students, for students. Along with our partners Bank of America Merrill Lynch, we developed an agenda addressing a range of topics and we hope both students and industry professionals found it stimulating.’ 

Feedback has been very positive with 84% describing it as “well-organised” and 82% as an event with “great line-up of speakers” and “interesting topics”.

All of the profits from ticket sales from The Quant Conference will be donated to the RobinHood foundation in New York, which aims to eradicate childhood poverty in the city.