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SBAI Adds Four To Signatories List

The SBAI announced in its newsletter that it has added 4 new signatories to its stakeholder list. US firms Dorsal Capital Management, PIMCO and Voss Capital were joined by Chinese investment firm Shanghai Topfund Capital Management.

SBAI Executive Director Thomas Deinet said:

“We are delighted to welcome these firms to the SBAI family and look forward to involving them in our activities and initiatives.  The SBAI provides a unique platform bringing together managers and institutional investors to improve the way the alternative investment industry operates.”

The SBAI also launched a North American committee in the past month. The committee will direct the SBAI’s efforts in North America, including identifying local issues for inclusion in the SBAI’s studies and working groups, supporting the SBAI’s North American roundtables, communicating with SBAI members, and driving increased participation in the SBAI among North American alternative investment managers and institutional investors