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SS&C GlobeOp Forward Redemption Indicator Higher In May

The SS&C GlobeOp Forward Redemption Indicator for May 2018 measured 3.47%, up from 2.60% in April.

"SS&C GlobeOp's Forward Redemption Indicator for May 2018 of 3.47%, reflects an increase from the 3.08% reported for the same period a year ago for May of 2017.  With respect to this year-over-year comparison, it should be noted that the 3.08% reported a year ago for May 2017 was the lowest level of redemptions for any month of May since the inception of the indicator in 2008," said Bill Stone, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SS&C Technologies. "In fact, over the same period, the 3.47% reported for the current month is the third lowest reading for the month of May since inception, so redemption notices remain low by historical standards."