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Systematic Alpha To Launch Cryptocurrency Fund In 2018

Systematic Alpha Management (SAM) is launching Systematic Alpha Cryptocurrency Fund which will be trading primarily futures on bitcoin. The trading is expected to commence in January, 2018.

“SAM is positioned well to be among the first CTAs to offer a program that focuses exclusively on trading cryptocurrencies. We have the right skills, infrastructure, and resources to profitably exploit the incredible volatility and growth that is taking place in the cryptocurrency markets," noted Peter Kambolin, SAM’s CEO.

“The intraday program offers an uncorrelated stream of returns, it carries no positions and hence no margin requirements overnight, and is well diversified across all assets classes trading both momentum and contrarian signals,” noted Dr. Alexei Chekhlov, SAM's Head of Research and Portfolio Manager.

“We’ve proven again and again that SAM can deliver innovative products that are not yet offered by other CTAs,” noted Peter Kambolin. “We are very excited about the launch of the Systematic Alpha Cryptocurrency Fund and are thankful for the Systematic Alpha Intraday Master Fund nomination.”

“The sooner we will start trading the cryptocurrency fund, the bigger the alpha we can capture,” noted Dr. Alexei Chekhlov.