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Thorpe Abbotts Capital Officially Launches

Thorpe Abbotts Capital officially launches today; the value-oriented hedge fund generates alpha by identifying situations where it believes crowd wisdom has failed and the price of a security has deviated too far from its intrinsic value.

Jeff Henriksen, Founder and CEO said, “When we look at the market today, we see it filled with mispriced opportunities across a wide range of industries, including retail, industrials, tech and many more. From Brexit to the ongoing US/Chinese trade dispute we are living in a highly volatile market prone to knee-jerk reactions. By adopting our well-honed behavioral economic analysis, informed by a combination of dedicated human research and our proprietary algorithm that we have tested to death over the past two to three years, we are supremely confident that we can cut through the noise and the madness of the crowd to recognize intrinsic value where others have failed to do so.”

Jeff Henriksen also sits as an Associate Fellow at the University of Oxford Saïd Business School. He is joined by Co-founder Robert Leedom, who serves as Head of Quantitative Research, building and maintaining the fund’s data modeling assets.

“Having tested stringently our models, we are confident that our approach will yield noticeable market beating returns. Our technology is wholly proprietary and provides us with a huge competitive advantage. However, our key differentiator is how we use our deep expertise of behavioral economics to interpret the data and make the investor decisions that will beat the market and deliver excellent returns to our investors", said Leedom.

Thorpe Abbots Capital is seeking to raise approximately $100 million in the next two to three years and is sector agnostic. The bulk of the capital will be delpoyed in the US, with a significant portion in the UK and Canada.