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Hedge Fund Flows Positive In April - Just

Data shop eVestment published its monthly asset flows report today, seeing a +$1.78bn of net inflows into hedge funds. Year to date flows have nudged higher to some +$13.67bn.

Notable takeaways from the report include:

  • Among primary strategies, Macro funds were big winners in April, with +$3.23 billion. This is similar to how these funds began 2017, with a surge of investor interest. Macro funds are up +$11.81 billion for the year.
  • Directional credit funds were also big winners in April, at +$2.89 billion, bringing YTD flows to +$8.21 billion.
  • Managed Futures funds saw the biggest outflows among primary strategies at -$1.79 billion. Event-Driven funds also lost AUM, down -$1.63 billion in April and -$5.23 billion YTD.
  • Among types of funds, Multi-Asset and Fixed-Income funds pulled in +$2.55 billion and +2.29 billion respectively. Equity funds were down -$3.86 billion in April.
  • While almost 65% of Emerging Markets hedge funds saw outflows in April, the segment was overall positive at +$1.99 billion for the month.

Overall hedge fund AUM now stands at $3.316trn.