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Hedge Fund Association Announces 2018 Election Results

The Hedge Fund Association (“HFA”), an international nonprofit trade and nonpartisan lobbying organisation, is pleased to announce the results of its 2018 Global Board of Directors election. HFA members elected one incumbent and two new Global Directors, Anil Kurian and Nick Tootle, each serving 3-year terms. HFA’s Board also unanimously re-elected Mitch Ackles as Global President, serving for a third term, and appointed new Regional Directors to lead the organization’s West Coast, Connecticut, Latin America, Cayman Islands and Malta Chapters.

HFA’s May 2018 Leadership Announcements:

To view HFA’s global presence and biographies of all HFA leaders click here.

“I am incredibly grateful to HFA’s members, my fellow elected and appointed leaders, and to all other global and regional nonprofit organizations that work alongside us to advocate, educate and accelerate success for our industry,” said Mitch Ackles, HFA President.