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Shelton Tactical Credit Fund Receives 5-Star Morningstar Rating

Shelton Capital Management today announced that its Shelton Tactical Credit Fund (DEBTX/DEBIX), received a 5‐star Overall Morningstar RatingTM, based on risk-adjusted returns as of January 3, 2018. The Fund’s three-year performance ranks first among 47 funds in the Morningstar Long-Short Credit Category as of January 3, 2018, based on average annual total returns. 

Since inception on December 16, 2014, the Fund has beaten its benchmark returning 7.09% annualized over the three-year period versus 1.60% annualized for the Morningstar Long-Short Credit Category as of January 3, 2018.

The Fund seeks to deliver current income and capital appreciation by investing primarily, under normal market conditions, in corporate fixed income and/or equity securities that it believes are undervalued. It employs relative value, event-driven, and hedging investment styles in allocating Fund assets across asset classes and capital structures including both long and/or short positions in seeking to achieve its investment objective and reduce risk. Additional details on fund performance and investment specifics are available on the Shelton Capital Management website. 

Portfolio Manager John Harnisch offers that “As investors continue to look for income solutions in a low yield environment and given the growing consensus that rates are moving higher in 2018, this fund seeks to deliver an attractive yield while mitigating interest rate risk.”