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Latin America Has The Best Performing Hedge Funds In January

Hedge fund data shop Eurekahedge today published data for January 2018. It finds that hedge funds based in Latin America returned 3.75% in January, and grew assets by $1.54billion. Europe was the worst performing region, with funds based there improving only 1.3% in January.

North America domiciled hedge funds returned approximately 1.6%, and Asia 2.75%.

CTAs were the best performing strategies in January, gaining 3.36% and growing assets nearly $9billion. Relative value was the poorest performing, increasing only 0.19% in January.

Eurekahedge tracks 5,662 hedge funds in North America, managing some $1,658.78billion ($1.658 trillion), 3,788 European hedge funds managing $564.37billion, 349 Latin American hedge funds managing $66.4billion, 245 Japanese hedge funds managing $18.88billion and 1,193 Asia hedge funds (not including Japan) managing $180.33billion.