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Hedge Funds Record First Negative Month Since October 2016

Data shop Preqin published its aggregated hedge fund performance numbers today, with the Preqin All Strategies Index Retreating 0.80% in February.

CTAs and funds of CTAs were hit hardest by the market turmoil in early February, with the Preqin AllStrategies CTA benchmark and the Preqin All-Strategies Fund of CTAs benchmark both recording their worst performance in over 10 years, down 5.04% and 10.36% respectively.

Equity-focused hedge funds also suffered large losses, ending the month down 1.34% – the benchmark’s worst performance since January 2016 (-4.48%).

Relative value strategies (+0.91%) and credit strategies (+0.02%) were the only strategies that bucked the trend and posted positive gains in February.