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eVestment's Most Searched Hedge Funds In Jan: Canyon Capital, Renaissance Technologies, GSA Capital

The folks at eVestment were kind enough to share their aggregated searching data with AlphaWeek from Q1 2018. Each day this week, we're going to take a look at which were the top funds each month this year so far.

The most viewed funds in January 2018 were...

1. Canyon Capital Advisors LLC: Canyon Value Realization Master Fund, L.P. - Event-Driven, Multi-Strat

2. Renaissance Technologies LLC: Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund (RIEF) LLC - Multi-Strat, Equity

3. GSA Capital Partners LLP: GSA Trend Master Fund Limited - Managed Futures, Quantitative

4. AQR Capital Management LLC: Managed Futures Strategy - Macro, Quantitative

=5. Leadenhall Capital Partners LLP: Leadenhall Diversified Insurance Linked Investments Fund PLC - Fundamental, Long-Short Credit

=5. LibreMax Capital, LLC: LibreMax Master Fund, Ltd. - Fundamental, Long/Short Credit

=7. Whitebox Advisors LLC: Whitebox Multi-Strategy Partners, L.P. - Fundamental, Long/Short Multi-Market

=7. Pharo Management (UK) LLP: Pharo Gaia Fund, Ltd. - Fundamental, Long/Short Multi-Market

=7. AQR Capital Management LLC: Style Premia Fund - Multi-Strat, Multi-Market

The institutional investors and investment consultants on eVestment's platform searched for funds which ran these trading strategies in January:

1. Origination & Financing

2. Fundamental - Long/Short Multi-Markets

3. Fundamental - Long/Short Credit

4. Relative Value - Credit Relative Value

5. Multi-Strategy - Multi-Markets

6. Event Driven - Multi-Strategy

7. Managed Futures - Quantitative

8. Fundamental - Long Only Equity

9. Event Driven - Activist

10. Multi-Strategy Broad Capital Structure

February 2018 coming tomorrow!