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eVestment's Most Searched Hedge Funds In Q1: Canyon Capital, AQR And Whitebox Take Top Honours

Our final post in this week's eVestment investor searches from Q1 2018 has us take a look at the quarter as a whole. Bragging rights to the following hedge funds:

1. Canyon Capital Advisors: Canyon Value Realization Master Fund: Event Driven - Multi-Strategy

2. AQR Capital Management: Style Premia Fund: Multi-Strategy Multi-Markets

=3. Whitebox Advisors: Whitebox Multi-Strategy Partners: Fundamental - Long/Short Multi-Markets

=3. Wellington Management Company: Commodities: Macro - Discretionary

5. GSA Capital Partners: GSA Trend Master Fund Limited: Managed Futures - Quantitative

6. AQR Capital Management: Managed Futures: Macro - Quantitative

7. Renaissance Technologies: Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund: Multi-Strategy Equity

=8. Leadenhall Capital Partners: Leadenhall Diversified Insurance Linked Investments Fund: Fundamental - Long/Short Credit

=8. Pharo Management (UK): Pharo Gaia Fund: Fundamental - Long/Short Multi-Markets

=8. J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc: JPM Systematic Alpha High Volatility: Multi-Strategy Multi-Markets

=8. AQR Capital Management LLC: DELTA Strategy: Multi-Strategy Multi-Markets

And the top ten strategies for Q1 viewed by the institutional investors and consultant community in Q1 were:

1             Fundamental - Long/Short Multi-Markets

2             Multi-Strategy Multi-Markets

3             Fund of Funds - Event Driven

4             Event Driven - Multi-Strategy

5             Relative Value - Credit Relative Value

6             Multi-Strategy Broad Capital Structure

7             Event Driven - Distressed

8             Macro - Multi-Strategy

9             Origination & Financing

10           Macro - Discretionary

And that's a wrap for this! We'll be continuing the series throughout 2018. Stay tuned!