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Paladin Capital Group Adds Najwa Aaraj As Strategic Advisor

Cyber and advanced technologies investor Paladin Capital Group has added Najwa Aaraj to the firm’s Strategic Advisory Group. Aaraj will help Paladin to assess investments in cybersecurity, cryptographic and quantum technologies, and support Paladin’s portfolio companies in realising their growth plans.

Aaraj is Chief Researcher, Cryptography Research Center and Acting Chief Researcher, Autonomous and Robotics Research Center, for the UAE’s Technology Innovation Institute (TII). The Cryptography Research Center focuses on research and development in cryptography, cloud confidential computing, and machine learning for application to areas including cybersecurity, cryptography and privacy preservation. The Autonomous and Robotics Research Center works on autonomous systems in air (drones), land and water.

“Paladin is one of the most respected investors in cyber and deeptech, with a comprehensive portfolio ranging from digital biology to crypto risk management. It will be a real pleasure sharing my experience in commercialising R&D with startups that seek to develop products and services of profound benefit to society. I look forward to supporting Paladin as it further expands its reach in the EMEA region,” said Aaraj.

Michael Steed, Paladin Group Founder and Managing Partner, added: “We’re thrilled that Najwa Aaraj has joined Paladin’s Strategic Advisory Group, an exceptional team of cyber and security experts from around the world. Najwa’s deep understanding of cryptography, quantum and autonomous systems will help us to navigate the new frontiers of technology and further our mission to invest in technologies that protect and enhance digital infrastructure.”

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