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Real Vision

GDP Comes in Hot as Investors Prepare for Higher Interest Rates

The Commerce Department reported the fastest annualized rate of U.S. gross domestic product

Stocks Surrender Gains, Treasury Yields Rise Following FOMC Statement

The Federal Open Market Committee said today “it will soon be appropriate to raise the targ
Real Vision

Geo-Macro Tensions, Central Bank Questions Exacerbate Selling Pressures

The U.S. appears to be ramping up its support of NATO forces to counter Russia’s threat to
Real Vision

Great Power Games Could Leave Europeans Out in the Cold

The Biden administration is preparing to deploy troops and equipment to Eastern Europe and
Real Vision

It's the End of the Pandemic Rally As We Knew It

Cryptocurrencies are crashing, stocks are tanking, bonds are rallying, and central banks ar
Real Vision

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Another Commodity "Super Cycle"

The commodity “super cycle” chorus will only get louder with crude oil touching eight-year

The US Dollar In 2022: Cautiously Bullish

The dollar sits at the apex of the world’s financial system; its direction and rate of change impact every asset class in the world. We see it rise against low-yielding and EM currencies but struggle against commodity currencies
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