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Quantitative finance conference The Quant Conference is hosting its inaugural New York event on April 12th. Nikita Fadeev, Founder of The Quant Conference, tells us more.

AW: Nikita, you’re now taking The Quant Conference to New York. Is this a natural evolution of the event or was there something specific which acted as the catalyst?

NF: When the idea of doing a conference occurred to me a couple of years ago, I was thinking about hosting 2-3 presentations somewhere in Edinburgh (I was studying in St. Andrews at the time). But in a matter of months, the conference grew so rapidly that we were endorsed by some of the leading institutions in the space of money management and investment banking – as well we universities. We successfully hosted two conferences in London in 2017 and 2018, and the most recent one became the world’s largest quant conference of its kind with over 400 attendees and some of the most well-known people and companies from the world of quantitative finance speaking. We decided to expand to New York as it is one of the leading cities in the world for quants. Furthermore, the further education institutions in New York and in cities nearby are world renowned and given the educational nature of The Quant Conference it seemed to be the most obvious world city to expand into.  

AW: What will you be doing differently in New York compared to your London events?

NF: The format and philosophy behind the event are the same as they were at the very beginning; we want to provide our attendees with a unique opportunity to learn about the industry from those who built it. We have university partnerships with NYU Tandon, Stony Brook, Oxford-Man Institute, Said Business School and Imperial College London as well as speakers from leading hedge funds, universities, investment banks and allocators. Our goal is to host the world’s leading quant conference but also one that is affordable to students. This is our way of giving back, by facilitating accessible learning and networking opportunities.

The Quant Conference
Attendees at The Quant Conference 2018

AW: What kind of topics can we expect to see covered at the New York event?

NF: TQC is going to delve deep into the hottest topics of systematic investment management and cutting-edge research conducted on the buy-side, sell-side and academia. We will touch upon the latest advances in risk management, practical application of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Furthermore, we are going to shed light on how to attract, develop and retain talent. Overall, we are shaping the conference so that it delivers on its mandate of being intellectually stimulating and thought provoking.

AW: Who do you have lined up to speak this year?

NF: We have a strong speaker line-up including Aaron Brown of Courant Institute - and former Chief Risk Officer of AQR Capital Management - Peter Carr of NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Gordon Ritter of NYU, Manoj Narang of Mana Partners, Zura Kakushadze of Quantigic Solutions and Francesco Filia of Fasanara Capital, to name a few. We are inviting the leading figures in the quant finance space to speak at the event.  

AW: What message would you send to both students and professionals in the Tri-State area who don’t know The Quant Conference?

NF: The Quant Conference is an institutional-grade event which offers genuine learning and networking opportunities, and we price it so that it’s accessible not only to students but also to junior people who are in their first or second job at an investment fund or a bank. I’d say that they should come along!