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Daily Briefing - August 26, 2020

Senior editor, Ash Bennington, joins managing editor, Ed Harrison, to discuss risk assets, credit markets, and the fiscal cliff. Within an environment of secular stagnation, they talk about the cross-asset play between bonds and equities as well as how overall credit tightening in the financials sector and the velocity of M2 money plummeting will have pernicious effects on growth. They also consider the dichotomy of monetary and fiscal policy and why the Fed will have to continue throwing all their chips in should fiscal authorities continue to be hawkish. In the intro, Nick Correa gives an overview of the tightening of credit markets.

Guest Name
Nick Correa, Ash Bennington, and Ed Harrison
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Trading, Interview, Economics, Real Vision, Cryptocurrencies, Investing, Finance
Show Name
Daily Briefing