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Daily Briefing - June 9, 2020

Senior editor Ash Bennington joins managing editor Ed Harrison to discuss market sentiment in light of NBER's recent announcement that the U.S. slid into recession in February. Bennington and Harrison explore whether market participants are betting that liquidity will mitigate the credit cycle's severity and whether this could be a miscalculation that catches investors off guard, leading to a “double-dip” recession. They also draw comparisons between today’s markets to that of the dot-com era, highlight the shift toward momentum trading, and share their thoughts on how durable damage to demand can bring an unnaturally elevated market crashing down later in the year. In the intro, Peter Cooper explains the surge in new online brokerage accounts and explores particular instances of excess speculation by retail investors.

Guest Name
Peter Cooper, Ash Bennington, and Ed Harrison
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Economics, Investing, Interview, Cryptocurrencies, Real Vision, Finance, Trading
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Daily Briefing