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Daily Briefing - May 20, 2020

Real Vision’s senior editor Ash Bennington and managing editor Roger Hirst analyze the latest developments in markets. Bennington and Hirst discuss the implications of fiscal burden-sharing in the European Union within the framework of French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel’s recent joint proposal for a €500 billion aid fund. The pair also unpack the technical and supply and demand dynamics driving oil markets, the concentration risk in the largest stocks of the S&P 500, and key technical levels in US equity markets. During the intro, Real Vision’s Nick Correa discusses the reopening of Spain, and the unique hurdles the Spanish will face as they begin their journey to economic recovery.

Guest Name
Nick Correa, Ash Bennington, and Roger Hirst
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Investing, Cryptocurrencies, Economics, Real Vision, Interview, Finance, Trading
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Daily Briefing