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Daily Briefing - October 21, 2020

Senior editor, Ash Bennington, joins Jared Dillian, editor of The Daily Dirtnap, to discuss the art of portfolio construction and his current outlook on markets. Dillian shares his thoughts on why investors whose sole focus is on returns fail and how to structure a portfolio that properly accounts for risk. He also breaks down how he gets exposure in real estate as well as how he's thinking about the implications of the Fed backstopping the credit markets. Dillian also covers his thoughts on Bitcoin, time horizons, U.S. election outcomes, and trend following. In the intro, Real VIsion's Nick Correa share the latest CEO confidence numbers and the next big, potential SPAC deal between Michael Bloomberg and Bill Ackman.

Guest Name
Nick Correa, Ash Bennington, and Jared Dillian
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Real Vision, Trading, Investing, Finance, Interview, Cryptocurrencies, Economics
Show Name
Daily Briefing