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The Fed's New Unwritten Mandate

Professor Mark Blyth and Professor Adam Tooze explore how coronavirus is laying bare the hidden risks embedded within our financial systems and how central banks worldwide are scrambling to paper over those chasms of danger. To them, it seems that the Federal Reserve has rewritten its remit, and they discuss how rather than try and keep prices stable or keep unemployment low, the sole focus of the Fed right now seems to be supporting asset prices at any cost, even if that means bailing out leveraged entities who took on too much risk. They also discuss Europe and how this crisis is heightening the contradictions within the Eurozone and pushing the European banking system to the brink. Filmed on April 22, 2020.

Guest Name
Professor Mark Blyth and Professor Adam Tooze
Anchor Name
Mark Blyth
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Interview, Trading, Real Vision, Mark Blyth, Economics, Fed, Federal Reserve, European Banks, Finance, Central Banks, Cryptocurrencies, Adam Tooze, Investing
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The Interview