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The FOMC Meeting Begins as the Labor Market Recovery Shows Promise

The FOMC meeting begins today as Fed officials come together to decide on the tapering of their asset purchase program. The economic recovery seems to be slowly but surely underway with the ADP survey for October demonstrating unexpected strength with a 571,000 gain in jobs and the ISM Services index showing rapid growth at 66.7%. Darius Dale, founder and CEO of 42 Macro, joins the Daily Briefing to provide his overview of these developments and how this will influence economic growth. He also explores where bond yields are headed after the Fed announces the course of policy, what sectors are poised for outperformance, and the drivers behind crypto’s explosive run as Ethereum hits its new all-time high. Interviewed by Maggie Lake. Want to submit questions? Drop them right here on the Exchange:

Guest Name
Darius Dale & Maggie Lake
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Cryptocurrencies, Economics, Investing, Trading, Real Vision, Finance, Interview
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Daily Briefing