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Gerard Minack -- "Buy the Rumor, Sell the Fact"

Gerard Minack, director of Minack Advisors, joins Real Vision CEO, Raoul Pal, for a wide-ranging discussion on the future of rates, corporate earnings, and inflation. The pair analyzes the growth prospects for economies around the world, ranging from Europe to China to the U.S., and identify patterns within equity, debt, and currency markets. Minack shares his thoughts on credit quality, negative interest rates, and debt monetization as he looks forward to see the opportunities that lie ahead on the macro horizon. The pair also analyzes the Australian housing market and discusses risks such as heightening geopolitical tensions and the prospect of a second wave of COVID-19. Filmed on June 3, 2020.

Guest Name
Gerard Minack
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Raoul Pal
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Currencies, Economics, Real Vision, Rates, Investing, Negative Interest Rates, Macro, Cryptocurrencies, Debt, Debt Monetization, Finance, Inflation, Equities, Gerard Minack, Global Growth, Trading, Corporate Earnings, Interview, Australian Housing Market
Show Name
The Interview