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"The Gold Bull Market Is Only in the Fourth Inning"

Kiril Sokoloff sits down with Raoul Pal to discuss why he believes the bull market for precious metals is only in its fourth inning. All-in costs of gold production are under $1000 compared to the current price of $1900, creating profit margins never seen before in the industry. In effect, the gold mining companies have become free-cash flow machines. With US federal deficits growing as far as the eye can see, and the US owing more to the rest of the world than any nation in history, a dollar crisis is brewing, which will launch gold on the next leg of its bull market. Filmed on October 16, 2020. Key Learnings: Gold and gold miners are under-owned, misunderstood, and the beneficiary of many other current economic and financial trends.

Guest Name
Kiril Sokoloff
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Raoul Pal
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Real Vision, Investing, Cryptocurrencies, Trading, Interview, Macro, Economics, Precious Metals, Gold, Finance
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The Interview