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Greer on His Bullishness: "It's a Difficult Tape to Fade"

Tony Greer of TG Macro joins Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington to share his thoughts on how the gyrations in the bond market are affecting risk assets. With the market leaning toward a more inflationary regime, Greer charts his way higher for equities as he sees growth pick up and a cyclical rotation out of tech and into natural resource stocks. Bennington and Greer briefly interpret today’s negative print in retail sales before moving on to the rise of non-fungible tokens, which they believe is creating a new form of value by allowing the authentication of digital art. Lastly, Greer shares his investment advice across all asset classes.

Guest Name
Ash Bennington and Tony Greer
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Trading, Cryptocurrencies, Real Vision, Finance, Economics, Investing, Interview
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Daily Briefing