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The New Frontier

Trevor Mottl, managing director at Lazard Labs, speaks to Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal about how machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can inform and transform the investment process – from idea generation to position sizing to risk management. He tells Raoul about the AI team he runs at Lazard Asset Management that uses machine learning to identify patterns in markets too complex for the human brain to recognize in order to reliably generate alpha too obscure for human investors to reliably capture. Mottl also breaks down his three-piece framework of finance – which includes pricing, time horizon, and liquidity – and explains how this framework has shaped his investment philosophy and informed his macro outlook. Filmed on May 5, 2020.

Guest Name
Trevor Mottl
Anchor Name
Raoul Pal
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Machine Learning, Economics, Interview, Cryptocurrencies, Trading, Investing, Real Vision, Position Sizing, Finance, Risk Management, Raoul Pal, Trevor Mottl, AI
Show Name
The Interview