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Optimism for a Digital Future Amid Harsh Economic Realities

Howard Lindzon, general partner at Social Leverage, tells Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal why he is bullish on the digital future of business despite acknowledging the harsh economic realities that have emerged since COVID. Lindzon argues that there is a shortage of investible opportunities to capitalize on this trend and this is what we are seeing in stretched tech valuations. He also discusses how he has bet on the democratization of finance with his investments in StockTwits, Robinhood, and eToro and explains why he is still not sold on crypto despite being exposed to the space. Filmed on September 28, 2020.

Guest Name
Howard Lindzon
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Raoul Pal
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Real Vision, Trading, Economics, Has Everything Changed, Big Tech, Venture Capital, eToro, Cryptocurrencies, Investing, Interview, VC, Robinhood, FinTech, Finance
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The Interview