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Pax Americana in the Crosshairs - R.P. Eddy (RE-RELEASE)

Former Presidential security advisor and diplomat, R.P. Eddy, enthralled Real Vision viewers in the ‘Travels with Jawad’ series, with his insights into the geopolitical risks of a Trump Presidency and the retraction of America’s global responsibilities. Jawad Mian’s full interview with R.P. is a potent discussion of US foreign policy and a fascinating portrait of the new power in the White House. Filmed on January 28, 2017 in Malibu.

Guest Name
R.P. Eddy and Jawad Mian
Anchor Name
Jawad Mian
Keywords Name
Investing, Interview, Economics, United States, Real Vision, Finance, US Foreign Policy, Geopolitics, Trading, Cryptocurrencies
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The Archives From Real Vision