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Twilight of the 60/40 Portfolio: Boomers, Bonds, and Bitcoin

Tyler Neville, senior editor at Blockworks, and Real Vision’s Jack Farley briefly look at the S&P 500’s breach beyond 4000 as bond yields retreat and the dollar marches higher. Tyler also interprets recent currency volatility, examining the U.S. dollar’s recent strength against the Euro, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan. Tyler and Jack then turn to the bond market, analyzing how rising yields have taken down an otherwise triumphant credit market. Tyler notes that the 60/40 is severely weakened by ultra-low yields and argues that Bitcoin could be a serious replacement to bonds. Jack and Tyler discuss other assets within crypto such as non-fungible tokens and assets within decentralized finance (DeFi) before taking another look at the Archegos liquidation.

Guest Name
Tyler Neville and Jack Farley
Keywords Name
Economics, Interview, Investing, Real Vision, Finance, Trading, Cryptocurrencies
Show Name
Daily Briefing