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The Wild West of Crypto: Outlaws, Double Agents, and the Dismantling of the Silk Road

Kathryn Haun, general partner at Andreesen Horowitz, sits down with Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital, to discuss her previous career as a U.S. Attorney. She reveals the intricate details of her prosecution of the Silk Road – an online platform where drugs, guns and passports were exchanged for bitcoin in the early days of the cryptocurrency. Haun has seen the light and dark sides of bitcoin, but believes in the technology behind cryptocurrency, and is helping her firm bridge the gap between technologists and regulators. Filmed on May 9, 2019 in San Francisco.

Guest Name
Kathryn Haun
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Kyle Bass
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The Future, Big Tech, Technology, Hayman Capital, Kyle Bass, blockchain, Stable Coins, Altcoins, Silk Road, Ethereum, Cryptocurrencies, Crypto-currencies, Crypto, Bitcoin, Andreesen Horowitz, Kathryn Haun
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Real Vision Classics