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Stone Mountain Capital Research Perspective Vol. 131

The overall situation of Covid-19 is finally getting better. Most countries in Europe have started to loosen their restrictions, while many countries have already loosened their restriction multiple times. So far, the loosening of restriction has been a success, as there were mostly no increases in daily infections. In the US, the situation got better as well, but not to the level as it is in Europe. Despite the still relatively high number of infections in the US, they are loosening their restrictions too. The market fear of a second wave is very present, especially in the US. There are finally some good news in the oil market, as oil prices have stabilized and rose continuously to above $25 per barrel for crude oil. In the hedge fund industry, CTAs remain the most profitable strategy, despite the weakness of the energy sector in the current market environment. In general, April 2020 was a very good month for hedge funds, as the industry posted its best monthly performance in six years, which is largely driven by the substantial bounce back of equities, after their huge decline in March 2020. In the crypto space, the highly anticipated Bitcoin (BTC) halving took place on Monday, the 11thMay 2020. BTC started rallying upwards since the end of April, which was caused by the widely discussed upcoming halving and information that more institutional investors are looking at BTC, as a potential hedge against inflation. As a consequence, BTC rose sharply from $7,700 on 28th April to $9,300 on 30th April. During the next week it remained relatively stable, with an additional surge on 9th May, after which BTC rose above $10,000. However, just a few days prior to the halving, BTC dropped again and remains now $9,000 (as of 13th May). The impact on private equity and private debt due to the coronavirus is still uncertain, as data in these industries are available with a significant time delay. In real estate, house prices fall, especially luxury real estate.

Stone Mountain Capital

Stone Mountain Capital


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