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Versor Investments Expands Distribution Agreement With AMX

Quantitative investment manager Versor Investments' global merger arbitrage strategy is now available to U.S.-based investors on AMX (the Asset Management Exchange), a platform which connects investors, asset managers and service partners.

AMX was initially created in 2017; the AMX platform standardizes fund infrastructure, investment operations, and governance and streamlines processes, like investment operations, services and due diligence.

Versor first partnered with AMX in 2018 and its global merger arbitrage strategy, with now over $1bn invested, has been available to a wide range of European investors. Under this new agreement, the strategy is now available to US Investors as well.

Deepak Gurnani, Founding Partner of Versor, stated: "AMX enables us to be laser-focused on investing and portfolio management knowing that much of the operational side of running our fund is already taken care of by an institutional grade partner. We are incredibly optimistic about our partnership with AMX and the access it provides investors to our global merger arbitrage strategy."

Oliver Jaegemann, CEO of AMX, added: "We are delighted to continue our partnership with Versor, providing the firm with greater visibility to international institutional investors. AMX's global reach is helping asset managers around the world to distribute their funds into Europe, Australasia and the US in a way that is tax-efficient, streamlined and well-structured with industry leading technology, operations and governance. We are committed to leading innovation in the investment industry by bringing investors, asset managers and service partners together."

Versor's merger arbitrage strategy capitalizes on the spread between a company's current share price and its acquisition price. The alpha forecast model uses machine learning and a proprietary database of 4000+ deals to estimate probability of deal closing, determine downside risk and perform competing bid analysis. The strategy invests in announced merger deals across the US, Canada, UK and Europe.

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