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Gramercy Funds Management Appoints Mohamed El-Erian As Chair

Emerging markets investor Gramercy Funds Management has appointed Mohamed El-Erian as Chair, a new position. El-Eria.n has been an investor and Senior Adviser to Gramercy since April 2019.

In this new position, El-Erian will actively contribute to Gramercy by providing the investment team with global, regional and country perspectives on economic, market and geopolitical developments; offering insights on a range of investment-related matters (in particular, global investment trends and their immediate and longer-term impacts on emerging markets asset classes); helping to decode economic and policy developments, focusing on their potential emerging markets effects; developing macro themes that inform and influence individual trades; and advising on specific investment issues, including multi-asset allocations.

“Over the last year, Mohamed has made a material contribution to our business. In this new role, he will further help ensure that Gramercy realizes its mission of having a positive impact on the well-being of our clients, portfolio investments and team members,” said Robert Koenigsberger, Managing Partner and CIO of Gramercy Funds Management. “Mohamed is a perfect fit for Gramercy as he is one of the most brilliant top-down decoders of macro themes, an investor who can transform those themes into investible ideas and he has long shared our passion for Emerging Markets."

“It has been a real joy and honor to work with Gramercy over the last 16 months, especially on issues and in an area that I am very passionate about. Having gotten to know well the team and investors, my already-high respect and admiration for the firm has only grown. As such, I am excited to take on this new role, particularly at a time when we are all looking to navigate the unusual uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 shock,” said El-Erian. He added, “Gramercy is exceptionally well positioned to be at the forefront of innovative solutions to the myriad of challenges facing both investors and issuers in emerging markets, impacting the people they serve and employ.”

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